Reward for missing dog in North Sac

A family is looking for Rocco, a boxer-bulldog mix they lost last week.

The boxer, who has a white chest, went missing on November 21st between 4pm and 5pm around Marysville Blvd and Bell Ave. He was last seen in a nearby industrial area and may have traveled through the field to the Rio Linda area near Dry Creek past Main or toward the McClellan Air Base.

Rocco’s also been known to roam East Del Paso Heights, specifically the area near Grand Ave and Astoria.

Rocco is a boxer-bulldog mix, unaltered, light brown solid color (except on chin and chest which is white) and he has a cropped tail. He stands about knee high and is very friendly.

Rocco had a bath the night before and didnt have his collar when he bolted.

If you live in the Robla, Rio Linda, or East Del Paso Heights areas (or work at or near McClellan), keep an eye out for Rocco and call 916-256-7297 or 916-678-8422, or email if you see him or happen to catch him.

There is a cash reward.

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