Field of candidates taking final shape

The field of candidates running for the District 2 Council Seat is taking its final shape.

As of today, the slate of candidates who have filed papers with the City Clerk are:

  • Kim Mack (2/23/12)
  • Misty Yaj (3/5/12)
  • Sondra Betancourt (3/7/12)
  • Rob Kerth (3/7/12)
  • Allen Warren (3/8/12)
Jason Sample, the candidate endorsed by Councilmember Sandy Sheedy, has yet to file papers. The deadline to do so is March 14, 2012.
Rob Kerth, who has kept a somewhat low profile since announcing his candidacy, kicks off his campaign Saturday at the North Sacramento Land Company at 10:00am.


Updated: Jason Sample has filed papers as of 3/12/12.

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