Twin Rivers gets an unpleasant birthday gift

The Twin Rivers Unified School District turned three years old today.

Since the merger of Grant High School District with the Rio Linda, Del Paso, and North Sacramento elementary districts, Twin Rivers has accomplished many things:

  • 10% increase in graduation rates
  • District-wide API growth of more than 20 points (triple the average district growth)
  • Closing the achievement gap at a faster pace than any area district
  • Drop-out data shows a decrease to 3.76% for the one-year rate and an estimated 12-13% for the four-year rate

Unfortunately, the district received an unpleasant gift from the Sacramento County grand jury. Their report titled “Lack of Trust + Lost Opportunities = Children’s Loss” questions weather Twin Rivers has lived up to promises made during it’s drive toward unification. It details the racial tensions, fiscal mismanagement, and feuds since the unification, and recommends district trustees not renew current Superintendent Frank Porter’s contract and rather search nationwide for a new leader.

Happy Birthday… right?

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