Should pot dispensaries be regulated?

Yesterday, the Sacramento Bee covered an increasingly popular political topic: the proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Dispensaries for medical marijuana are nothing new; there are close to 30 medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento alone. The El Camino Wellness Center, located in North Sacramento off of the Capital City Freeway, is featured in the Sac Bee’s article.

The City has no mention of medical marijuana dispensaries in zoning codes, and has indicated they are not necessarily against the dispensaries. Councilmember Sandy Sheedy has expressed ideas about how to regulate the dispensary industry, comparing it to recent efforts to regulate cash-advance businesses. Sheedy essentially breaks the process down to three steps:

“The goal here is to look at the medical marijuana businesses, look at the zoning laws and work to regulate them so they don’t proliferate.”

Regulating the proliferation of disperancies may not be such a bad idea. They do provide a good service, but there’s really no need for them to turn into a Starbucks-like industry.

Might not want to tell that to this guy, though.

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