Taking a closer look

On Tuesday, February 17, 2009 the City Council will be presented with an Audit Workplan Calendar dealing the work flow of what the City plans to investigate in their internal audit. Proposed areas of examination include reviewing the accuracy and completeness of the Utilities Billing System, examining the bidding and change-order procedures and processes for contracts with the Department of Transportation, and reviewing the procedures and controls for overtime in both Police and Fire.

Noticeably missing from the calendar is the Development Services Department, which has been in the hot seat as of late. During last week’s talks regarding the midyear budget, a representative of Local 39 questioned Development Services’ hiring of five managers while 25 employees were being laid off and asked Council to investigate the issue. Bill Thomas, the Director of Development Services, attempted to explain the move only to receive a scornful criticism; Councilmember Hammond asked how departments can have promotions while budget cuts and layoffs are occurring at the same time.

The Audit Workplan Calendar is scheduled for presentation at the Council’s 6:00pm evening session.

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