Sacramento News & Review moving north

After some tense discussions, the City Council voted to acquire the property at 1124 Del Paso Blvd; thus, enabling Sacramento News & Review to move into the facility on the property.

The city adopted a Redevelopment Agency Resolution approving a loan of $2 million to acquire the property and install equipment at the building, and authorizes an amendment of the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Sacramento budget and the transfer of $2 million in North Sacramento Tax Increment funds to the project. More details are outlined in the Report to the Redevelopment Agency.

Councilmember Sandy Sheedy led the push to bring SN&R to the boulevard, and both Councilmembers Lauren Hammond and Bonnie Pannell emphasized the need to provide opportunities for contractors, employees, and interns from North Sacramento neighborhoods.

This eliminates the idea of placing a Goodwill at the facility.

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