Bring the Goodwill here?

By now you may have heard about the proposal to move Goodwill into the old Borders facility in North Natomas. The story first broke on Natomas Buzz last Wednesday with a followup by Joe Sacramento the next day. KCRA 3 did a feature story on the issue (as posted above).

Many Natomas Buzz visitors – mostly anonymous, but appearing to be Natomas residents – left comments decrying the idea of bring a Goodwill to Natomas and some of their ideas are perplexing. For one, a Goodwill has been in business for years on Arden Way off of Howe Ave and has never appeared to burden the many stores and restaurants adjacent to it. Also, it is a little naive to think Goodwill will be some magnet for crime. Numerous criminal acts, from the Riley murders to the Fort Natomas fire, occurred without the presence of a Goodwill store.

So, could Goodwill come to North Sacramento? It could possibly go along Del Paso Blvd, which has been littered with vacant buildings. A prime location may be the IMG Home building on Del Paso Blvd and Colfax Street, one of the largest facilities along the boulevard. Another good location may be the Rite-Aid complex on Norwood Ave. In either case, Goodwill would become a tenant in an empty building and provide a needed service to the community during this down economy.

In the end, Natomas has two choices for the Border’s facility: allow somebody, be it Goodwill or any other, to move in to the facility, or let it sit vacant and become an eyesore. But to think Goodwill would attract crime or the “wrong crowd” is naive.

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