Allen Warren to chat with Sac Press Live tomorrow

Allen Warren is scheduled to sit down with Sac Press Live tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. to discuss his candidacy for Councilmember District 2.

Chris Shannon of the North Sac Beat and will join The Sacramento Press’ Editor Jared Goyette for this interview. As with this week’s earlier interview with candidate Rob Kerth, the chat will be streamed live.

Feel free to write a question for Warren in the comments. All attempts will be made to cover the on-point (and civil) reader questions during the interview.

5 thoughts on “Allen Warren to chat with Sac Press Live tomorrow

  1. You have a record of bringing affordable housing to this district but I am fortunate to be able to look for something in a different category.  I don’t want to live in Wood Lake….  Im considering moving out of the area.  What type of developments do you envision that will keep me in district 2?

  2. Youve mentioned bring new businesses, I’m concerned about the existing business who have invested their lives just as you have. How do we know theyy won’t be snubbed out???

    The whole tax credit thing is pie in the sky. Business can’t keep their lights on. to continue to do business

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