SPD provides school safety tips

School is in full swing throughout the city and that means increased congestion around campuses.

The Sacramento Police Department took it upon themselves to provide these safety tips for both students and drivers:

  • Always cross the street at a crosswalk, preferably at an intersection controlled by a traffic signal or stop sign. 
  • Look both ways while crossing. Walk, don’t run.
  • When biking, design your route around streets with clearly marked bike lanes, when possible.
  • Always wear a bike helmet.
  • Bike with the flow of traffic; walk against traffic.
  • Motorists should be prepared to slow down for children entering the roadway.
  • Use caution when sun glare may degrade a driver’s vision.
  • Parents should plan your child’s route if they walk or cycle to school (safety spots to seek help, best places to cross roadways, ensure child does not get lost).
  • Never walk alone at night.
  • Never ask for or accept a ride from stranger.

If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll run into officers directing traffic like the guys in Charlotte, NC :

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