Renfree Field press box destroyed by fire

The press box at Renfree Field off Auburn Blvd caught fire earlier this evening. Some of the field was also damaged. No injuries were reported.

Originally built in 1968, Renfree Field was designed to provide a premier baseball facility for local youth and adult organizations. It had been renovated in 2000, but has been in disrepair for the last year or so.

The field is named after Harry Renfree, Director of what was the City of Sacramento’s Recreation & Parks Department from 1954 to 1969.

One thought on “Renfree Field press box destroyed by fire

  1. I have not heard what the city is going to do about this field that they let go to he!!. . . they put out an RFP that was an absolute JOKE!  Basically asking someone to fix all the cities mistakes, make the field whole, dole out thousands of dollars, and then give the city part of the funds once it starts making revenue!! . . . what a joke!  Give that field to the local mens leagues to fix, repair and run.  for free = better than what the city can do!!

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