Was the Harmon Johnson closure a good idea?

By now you’ve probably heard that Twin Rivers Unified School District has voted to close Harmon Johnson Elementary School due to its proximity to a PG&E gas line.

We first told you about this when PG&E released its gas pipeline maps back in September.

Students and staff from Harmon Johnson will be relocated to Las Palmas School, which strangely enough places two elementary schools next door to each other side by side; Noralto Elementary is already located at the site.

While issues of safety, transportation, and service will most definitely be addressed, one can ask whether the move was a good decision or an over-reaction to events regarding the San Bruno explosion. Commenters in the Bee have compared the move to Chicken Little.

So what do you think? Was the move a good decision? Over-reaction?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and be sure to take the poll.

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