Helping kids prepare for school

Sacramento Police Department Captain Daniel Hahn detailed a back to school shopping spree taking place Friday morning:

Early this morning numerous volunteers chaperoned about 100 kids on a back to school shopping spree at JC Penny’s.

POP Officers Blyn, Morgan, Banks, CSO Judy Kovanda, and Lt. Kevin Gardner, our two North Command Police Clerks (Cassie and Lindsey) along with two Police Volunteers all escorted kids through the store to purchase back to school clothing. They all left with a bag full of great clothes from JC Penny’s for next week’s beginning of school.

The event was sponsored by Councilmember Sandy Sheedy along with JC Penny’s and the Twin Rivers School District and Ms. Mary Watts.

The kids and volunteer chaperones had a great time!

Thank you all for helping these children get a head start on the school year.

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