Kimberly Block has already sued businesses in North Sacramento

Looks like it’s too late for North Sac businesses to satisfy Kimberly Block.

Turns out, two of the other lawsuits Block has filed are against well-known North Sac business: Lil Joe’s and Market Basket.

The Lil Joe’s diner has been a fixture on Del Paso Boulevard for decades. The restaurant opened in the 1950s when owner Joe Halaway sold steaks for 99 cents. Like the Squeeze Inn, the Lil Joe’s facility virtually stayed the same through the years.

That was until Block and Singleton came along. Block’s suit claims, among other things, that Lil Joe’s counter area for order pickup is too high and restrooms do not meet accessibility requirements.

Current owner George Halaway has responded to the suit and is currently trying to fix the place to meet ADA standards by moving one wall out four feet. Still, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is:

“The economy is so bad, and then you get something like this.”

No word on the status of Market Basket.

One thought on “Kimberly Block has already sued businesses in North Sacramento

  1. Sound to me like this Block person is jus lookin to cause trouble!!! I wonder how many other palces she has complained about!?
    Funny, ALL THESE YEARS And NOT 1 person but her complained…OR eat at home because Ive been to Lil Joes, she TOTALLY could roll up to a table!
    Some people think IF they have an impairment then everybody should comply whereas, she could wear a urine bag if she cant even walk to the bathroom!
    Im all for impaired people but choose ur battles… 

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