There still are some bars in North Sac

Today’s Bee had an article discussing the growing disappearance of stand-alone bars within the Sacramento region. Barflies should not worry; there are plenty of dives left in North Sac: Stoney Inn Bar & Grill Silk Bar & Cafe Nite Hawk Tavern The Bolt (Gay Bar) Hideout Bar American Spirit

Memorial Day Cooking

The weather looks pretty nice this weekend, especially for eating outdoors. Here’s a roundup of Memorial Day recipes: Food Network Memorial Day Recipes Rachael Ray Memorial Day Barbecue Crowd Pleasers Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Adam Perry Lang’s Barbecue Menu Also be sure to visit Men’s Health and for grilling tips.

Eat berries to get more energy

Lifestyle blog zenhabits recently posted 55 ways to get more energy. While some methods appear obvious, some are surprising. Some methods include: Change your socks for refreshment. Have a piece of chocolate. Eat lots of berries. Avoid energy drinks. Sniff some citrus. Click on the link to read the entire posting: 55 Ways to Get…