Stoney Inn struggles with City Code Enforcement

The Stoney Inn could be in danger of closing.

Photo from: Facebook

The details of a scuffle between Stoney Inn and the City’s Code Enforcement department are detailed in a post on Stoney’s Facebook page. The Post reads:

To all of my amazing Stoney Inn friends that I have met over the last 6 years, To my amazing Staff, to my friends that I have know for up to 20 years that come out to Stoneys and support a great place in an interesting neighborhood. To all the great bands that have a fun place to play or started their music career here. I am now looking for your support in an ongoing battle with the City & code enforcement for the last 2 years. They are threatening to take our Stoneys away from us, We have now attained an attorney firm to handle this for us on the legal end, however I am asking, my friends & Patrons, If you know someone from the city or government of importance that you could say some good things about our bar/saloon/restaurant. How you might have enjoyed it over the years, made you think of Del Paso Blvd differently, makes you feel safe inside & how the city should appreciate Stoneys not condemn Stoneys. 

This would be greatly appreciated. Please come out this weekend to show your support of this great place to have fun and dance and send a letter, email or phone call to someone you think might listen & support. Also, We have a guarantee for a loan of over $425,000 to remodel Stoneys, Bigger & more bathrooms, new wood dance floor new patio, arbor & Stoneys sign and much more, however, We cannot commit to this loan unless the city leaves us alone. please show us your support in a hug or handshake when you see me at Stoneys. Lets get this remodel started! 


Twosteppin Kevin

A petition has also been started to keep The Stoney Inn.

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