Seattle’s Bill Wixey talks crap about Sacramento, gives backhanded apology

Bill Wixey, the Morning Anchor at Seattle’s Q13 Fox, decided to make a list of the top five arguments the Seattle group did not make to the NBA to pick Seattle over Sacramento.

And it’s pretty lame:

  1. Seattle has great culture; world class ballet, symphony, art museums, and theater). Sacramento has culture; the kind you find at the bottom of a petrie dish.
  2. Seattle is the city that spawned music legends. Willie Nelson’s tour bus once broke down in Sacramento.
  3. Seattle kowtows to billionaires. Sacramento is a cowtown. 
  4. Seattle smells like an emerald green forest. Sacramento smells like you’re stepfather’s armpit before a shower and without deodorant. 
  5. Seattle has “Bertha”, the worlds largest boring machine. Sacramento is just boring.
Wixley obvious didn’t do his research. For one “kowtow” is another word for “brownnose” and “roll over”, and to say Sacramento doesn’t have culture – Crocker Art Museum and various theaters – is absurd. 
The Youtube video of the segment was posted by Bhavisha Patel, the show’s producer but fan of the Kings:

Sorry! #HereWePurple RT @bblakelyq13fox Traitor!…
— Bhavisha Patel (@BhavishaPatel) April 4, 2013

Wixley’s actions got negative reaction on Twitter, even from Seattle Sonics fans:

I am a Bill Wixey fan but this list is awful. Not funny:! Check out @carmichaeldave‘s
— Kevin Shockey (@KevinShockey) April 4, 2013

Bill Wixey…..come on!!!
— SonicsJoe (@SonicsJoe) April 4, 2013

Seattle Anchor Bill Wixey is a classless piece of trash that is a prime example why the people of Seattle do not deserve an NBA Franchise.
— Saturday Night Rizz (@PatRisley) April 4, 2013

cont. @q13fox Unlike the comments made by Bill Wixey, we in Sac try not to rankwhat culture is best, but choose to find strengths in each
— Tim Henderson (@timhenderson81) April 4, 2013

I don’t have a problem with the Seattle TV bit. Could’ve been funnier, but whatever. I just hope it goes both ways and we can all laugh.
— Carmichael Dave (@CarmichaelDave) April 4, 2013

Wixley later addressed Kings fans saying it was a joke.

#Kings fans: It was a joke. Misguided, perhaps. I’ve spent time in Sac, like it a lot. In fairness, I’m happy to air ur retort on @q13fox.
— Bill Wixey/ Q13 Fox (@BillWixey) April 4, 2013

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