Grant needs to stop Burbank’s running game

The Grant Pacers start their playoff run on the road against the Burbank Titans tomorrow and their defense will have to come ready for the rush if they want a chance of staying in the game.

Grant has only lost to Burbank twice since 2006 and is 2-1 against them on the road; however, one of those losses came earlier this season when Burbank defeated Grant 36-27 in September.
While Grant had more passing yards, Burbank was able to rush for more than 500 yards. This is on track with both team’s averages for this regular season:

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​Burbank has been posting final scores above 50 points for the last month, so Grant will have to keep up offensively.  Grant has gotten on a roll in these last few weeks and history is on their side. Is that enough to get them to the next round?

Game time for Saturday’s game is 1:00pm at Burbank High School.

All stats are from MaxPreps.

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