Sacramento Current to interview Kerth and Warren

During their event at The Temp Gallery this Sunday, the boys from Sacramento Current plan to interview District 2 Councilmember candidates Rob Kerth and Allen Wayne Warren.

Kerth and Warren are in a runoff for the seat after emerging from the pool of six candidates earlier in June. With all precincts accounted for, Kerth remained at the top.

The event, “Who is Smarter Than an Artist?” begins at 3pm this Sunday at The Temp Gallery.

Here’s a glance at the primary’s final results:

Council District 2 Primary Results (2012)
Candidate Votes Percentage
Rob Kerth 2,133 35.08%
Allen Wayne Warren 2,004 32.96%
Misty Yaj 685 11.27%
Jason L. Sample 502 8.26%
Kim Mack 382 6.28%
Sondra Betancourt 367 6.04%
Write In Votes 7 0.12%

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