Two homeless men found deceased in tent

According to the Sacramento Police Department, two male individuals (ages 44 and 38) and a dog were found deceased inside their tent down by the river just east of the Hwy 160 bridge. 

The cause of death appears to be carbon monoxide poisoning from a camp stove they had inside the tent.

It appears the men were homeless.

2 thoughts on “Two homeless men found deceased in tent

  1. Thank you that, unlike the Bee, you didn’t title your report “Two men and a dog die in apparent homeless camp tragedy.”  Whether it is overt or subliminal, we homeless get treated with absurd, continual derision. While I am second to none in loving dogs, I ask this:  Would the Bee use titles like these:  “Three infants and a dog die in house fire” or “President Obama and the First Lady and their dog assassinated by terrorists” or even “Jet engine falls from sky and kills Donnie Darko and his dog.”

    Your piece, Chris, was properly very respectful.

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