Help rebuild dreams this Saturday

Councilmember Sandy Sheedy and SHRA is sponsoring a house in North Sacramento for this year’s Rebuilding Together “April Rebuilding Dreams Event” this Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 8am-5pm.

Rebuilding Dreams is a one-day event that uses skilled and unskilled volunteers to improve the physical and cosmetic features of affordable owner-occupied homes. The goal is to create a visual impact that shows improvement in the neighborhood, improves homeowners’ ability to remain in their homes, and promotes neighborhood participation.

This event will take place at 2373 Cantalier Street in the Dixieanne area.

SHRA is looking for skilled and unskilled labor work with carpentry, tiling, window installation, painting, HVAC system installation, landscaping, insulation installation, plumbing, roof installation, and electrical.

Breakfast, lunch and a free event T-shirt will be provided to registered volunteers.

To register, contact Marti Brown at or 449-6226.

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