Jonnie Williams is Northwood Elementary’s “Biggest Loser”

After losing 13.6 pounds, Jonnie Williams has been named Northwood Elementary’s “Biggest Loser”.

In October 2010, 11 staff members from Northwood Elementary School embarked on a weight lose challenge, “Northwood’s Biggest Loser.” Each member contributed $10 towards the grand prize, a total of $110.00.

Participants changed their eating habits, walked during lunch breaks and shared a weekly newsletter with recipes and inspirational poems. The challenge and weekly weigh-in brought the staff together and was a rewarding experience. The group lost a grand total of 56 pounds.

The challenge ended before the winter break as Jonnie Williams was named the “Biggest Loser” with a total loss of 13.6 pounds. Staff is embarking on another “Biggest Loser” competition this month.

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