Looking back at election night…

Lots of things to keep up with for this midterm election. Here’s a look at the winners, the losers, and the odd.

The Winners

Jerry Brown
Getting outspent by $100 million. Waiting until after labor day to begin running ads. Winning the governorship by 10-percentage points. Jerry Brown was probably the biggest winner of all last night.


Barbara Boxer
Boxer got a big run for her money and was able to survive the Republican tsunami to keep her seat for another term.


Roger Dickinson, Darrell Steinberg, and Doris Matsui
Well duh! Who’d you expect to win?

Measure C
Dude, the city can now, like, set new tax rates for “marijuana businesses”.

The Losers

Meg Whitman
Running thousands of ads on TV, radio, and online, for months. Spending $140 million on a campaign, most ever for anyone running for office. Skeletons make their way out of the closet; Brown goes up in the polls. In the end, Whitman loses by 10-percentage points.

The strange thing is how Whitman gave her concession speech long after Brown gave what appeared to be his victory speech:


Still, Meg did go out with dignity. She’s even congratulated Brown on her Twitter Feed today.

Proposition 19
Aw maaaaaaannnnnn!

Measure B
People rejected rolling back their utility rates, voting against it 69% to 31%.

Measure D
Looks like people living in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento County don’t want to become a city. Measure D was struck down mightily 76% nea to 24% yea. Not good news for Mary Ose, the top vote-getter for Arden-Arcade City Council.

The Odd

Carly Fiorina
At least Meg went out with dignity.

With news agencies declaring Boxer the winner, Fiorina refused to acknowledge the numbers and claimed they were closer than they seemed. Instead of giving a concession speech, Fiorina declared it wasn’t over yet and wanted to look at her own figures (she was about five percentage points down at the time):


It wasn’t until this morning that Fiorina decided to acknowledge her insurmountable ten percentage-point deficit and conceded:


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