North Sacramento resident best going green

Sacramento News & Review released its Best of 2010 and one of North Sac’s residents got top honors.

Bill Maynard, member and former head of the Hagginwood Community Association, received top billing as “best guy going green”. Here’s the word from SN&R:

If it’s going green locally, this guy’s got his fingers in the dirt. As in real green, you know, as in leaves and trees, not just some version of pollution toned down with a green label. Bill Maynard has dedicated his life to turning Sacramento green with greenery. He is the community garden coordinator for the city Department of Parks and Recreation, a Master Gardener with the University of California Cooperative Extension, works with the Sacramento Area Community Garden Coalition promoting school gardens and green spaces, and assists the Sacramento Hunger Coalition with Food Security projects. To find Maynard, just attend your neighborhood seed swap or community gardening event. He’ll likely be the organizer.


Congratulations to Bill on the top honor!

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