Steve Cohn discusses storm drain issues on Hudson Way

We told you about the issues with Hagginwood’s Hudson River about two weeks ago. Those issues were brought back to City Council this previous Thursday.

Lee Middleton returned to City Council to discuss the drainage issues on Hudson Way, though this time Councilmember Steve Cohn provided some insight on the matter.

According to Councilmember Cohn, staff did look at the option of performing a photo simulation of Hudson Way to render what storm drainage would look like; however, this would cost several thousands of dollars, money Cohn says the City does not have. Instead, staff went to many streets within walking distance which already have these ditches to get an idea of what they look like.

Cohn also said staff went out and marked on the properties where these ditches would go.

We looked back at the photos we took of Hudson Way and noticed what looked like some utility markups on the street:

Markups on Hudson Way

Cohn said it was his understanding that Middleton was told photo simulation would be a waste of public funds. Cohn also said others on the block were not concerned about a photo simulation but wanted to know where on their property the ditch would go.

Cohn said the City plans to improve the infrastructure of Hudson Way but without the photo simulation.

Watch the entire exchange at the City’s Streaming Media Archive (scroll to 43:30).

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