Oddities at the State Fair Kids Park

Overall, this year’s State Fair was an enjoyable experience (it wasn’t littered with car dealerships) but there still were some oddities with the Kids Park.

Take this dart game:

Doggy Dart Game

Now, I’m not one for carnival games, but I can’t recall seeing one where the way to win is to hit the stuffed dog in his junk with a dart, let one hit it period. I’m more accustomed to hitting water balloons, but that’s just me. (Kids these days, I tell ya…)

That’s not all that was in the Kids Park:

Margarita stand

Drinking alcohol at the State Fair is pretty customary; wine tasting is practically a time-honored custom, and beer is sold by the gallon. But to have a stand set up serving margaritas inside the Kids Park was a little over the top.

These might be some things to keep in mind for next year.

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