Lack of storm drainage plagues streets in Hagginwood

With all the talk about Local 39 and Marijuana, one of the things overlooked at Tuesday’s City Council Meeting was a storm drain issue on Hudson Way.

“Three Eyed Fish” from Last Exit To Springfield.

Lee Middleton, a resident and homeowner on Hudson Way (or what he cleverly dubbed “The Hudson River”), presented the issue of a lack of storm drainage along the street located in Hagginwood (View here; skip to 30:22).

According to Middleton, pools of water will sit after heavy rainstorms at the north and south sides of Hudson Way with no place to drain. This water flows up resident’s driveways to garages and front doors where it will also sit.

Middleton says by law the City should be providing these services, and the Department of Utilities is charging him and fellow residents a storm drainage fee even though no storm drains are provided.

We decided to take a trip out to Hudson Way to confirm the lack of storm drainage.

Sure enough, no drainage system was in place:

Hudson Way (looking southwest)

We also found Pendleton Street and Kenwood Street lacked a storm drainage system.

Pendleton Street (looking south)

Kenwood Street (looking east)

Middleton expressed the want for a permanent and well constructed storm drainage system for the residents of Hudson Way.

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