Regional Transit may want to take the Neighborhood Ride

Regional Transit is bracing itself for for a projected shortfall of $25 million this year and next, and they’re looking in to reducing bus and light-rail service to deal with the problem. They will hold a public hearing at 4pm this Monday at their agency headquarters to discuss some options.

Some of the weekday buses considered for elimination include the #6 in Land Park and the 50E on Stockton Boulevard; both are fairly long routes.

What’s interesting is they haven’t considered possibly converting these routes into a “Neighborhood Ride” route, especially considering the #6 overlaps with the #7, which is not considered for elimination and runs for a shorter period in the day.

The Neighborhood Ride already runs hourly in North Sacramento from the Arden/Del Paso light rail station. Both routes #16 and #18 go to Jessie/Norwood in Del Paso Heights.

It’s strange there aren’t more Neighborhood Ride routes; RT has only eight in operation. When looking at routes like the #30 and #31, which essentially overlap one another, it makes you wonder why RT doesn’t downsize and make the #31 a Neighborhood Ride or extend the #30 into River Park and eliminate the #31 altogether.

The addition or conversion to Neighborhood Ride routes certainly won’t solve all of RT’s problems, but it is an option to consider.

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