Kerth Family Statement

The Kerth Family has made a statement in regards to Iceland:

The fire is mostly out now…. The maple handrail, the roof, the offices, the control booth, really all the wood is no more. The metal that isn’t a melted puddle is twisted.

Our grand Dame took quite a shot today.

And yet, the “Iceland” mast is still up. The walls seem sound, the Zamboni could still do the ice and, what really matters, the generations of skaters that have grown to love Iceland are safe and sound, ready to roll up their sleeves.

Staggered, yes, but the old Gal has not gone down for the count. She never will.

I’m not sure how, I know it will take all hands to be ready, but join us this November 4th for Iceland’s 70th anniversary.

Bring your skates!

The Kerth Family

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