Does Del Paso Blvd pose a danger?

NFL wide receiver and Sacramento native Donte Stallworth was involved in a fatal traffic accident in Miami over the weekend, taking the life of a pedestrian who reportedly was attempting to cross the MacArthur Causeway. It is unclear whether the pedestrian was in the crosswalk, or if Stallworth was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

This tragic incident exposes a potential issue with three crosswalks located on Del Paso Blvd between El Camino Ave and the Marysville Blvd split. These three stand-alone crosswalks stretch across the boulevard with no signals to stop traffic. Posing more of a risk are parked cars, which blind drivers to pedestrians preparing to cross the street. The most dangerous crosswalk may be at the Del Paso Florist, where traffic is picking up speed from leaving the traffic light at El Camino.

Crossing signals may not be the best way to solve this problem; Del Paso Blvd may turn into 16th Street if the City went that route. The best solution may simply be to slow down; thus, preventing tragedies like the one in Miami from occurring.

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